Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Get to know your Tar Heel...Fans!

Do you miss college basketball already? Do you feel the off-season is just too long and Late Night with Roy just can't get here quick enough?

Well you are just like every Tar Heel fan out there then. How well do you know all those other fans going through the same feelings you are experiencing? A lot of us "know" a lot of UNC fans on twitter or Google+ or maybe on YouTube, but do you really know them?

In an effort to help with all of the questions posed about I bring you a new YouTube segment/show. I can't bring you college basketball, but we can talk about it. I can't shorten the off-season, but I can try to take your mind off of it.

"Get to know your Tar Heel...Fans" is going to be a quick interview with a different die-hard Tar Heel fan each week. Each Monday I will release a new interview to help you get through that week (or at least through Monday or whatever day you choose to watch it on).

My hope is to help Tar Heel Nation grow a little closer and tighter, but letting you get to know a Tar Heel fan a little better. Hopefully, though the YouTube video it makes it a little more personal and you feel you know that weeks UNC fan a little better than casual chatter on twitter or any other social media. I will help you connect with the Tar Heel fan of the week and hopefully genuine conversation will ensue from it.

The premiere episode will be released this upcoming Monday, May 5 and plan to have a new one each week until at least when practice begins.

For this all to work I will need a little help and support from all of Tar Heel Nation! First, I need die-hard Tar Heels to be willing to be interviewed and become a Tar Heel fan of the week. It is a pretty painless process and you don't have to be a big-wig or professional to do it. The interview will only be 5-10 minutes, 15 at the most and all of the questions are pretty general about you being a Tar Heel fanatic. You can take it as specific as you want or just stay general, all the more personal you are, the more people will feel they know you and want to connect with you.

Second, we need to get the word out about this project. Subscribing to, tweeting, sharing, and posting about each episode so more UNC fans are able to find it, and connecting with each Tar Heel fan of the week will make this a huge success. Then we will be able to show all those other fanbases just how much stronger and better we really are!

Lastly, if you feel you know someone who would be perfect for this or willing to help out, give them my contact info and have them get ahold or me or let me know how I can get ahold of them.

As stated in the first paragraph the off-season is long, we will need lots of people to interview, don't be shy or think it's not for you. Show yourself as the true Carolina blue that runs in your veins.

Contact me through:
Twitter: @AllTarHeelDan
Google+: +Dan DeWitt
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Hope this idea gets you as excited about UNC Hoops as it does me, that you will join in and support this movement, and at the very least you will check out the premiere episode of "Get to know your Tar Heel...Fans" on Monday and share it with your Tar Heel friends and family!

Appreciate it and Go Heels!