Tuesday, October 13, 2015

UNC Basketball Predictions! 2015

UNC Hoops Talk Podcast #67

I think the audio version is way better for this one! 

It is so close I can taste it! The season is upon us! The Tar Heels men’s basketball team held their media day Monday October, 12th, Late Night with Roy is coming soon on October 23rd, and games are almost here!
On this podcast I hit on:
media day (injury updates)
Recruiting updates
other garbage going on in college basketball
Then I spend a good amount of the podcast talking about my predictions for each game and the season overall as well as including your predictions off of twitter! Will any of us be right? Are we too optimistic? Can we do it?
Twitter predictions:
@edking_11- 27-4 or 28-3 (Title game+)
@UNCGraphics- 39-1 (Champs)
@TheyCallMeEL- 27-4 (Champs)
@devinwooddd- 25-6 (Elite 8)
@FutureTarHeel- 35-5 (Champs)
@2UNC3- 29-9 or 30-8 (Champs)
@itsnotbailey- 29-9 (Champs)
@Zatoven15- 36-4 (Champs)
@Hall_Jeremy- 31-9 (Champs)
@Triggaa_Tre- 33-7 (Champs)
@JumpMatt_ 31-7 (Champs)
@TheJ_A_C- 38-2 (Champs) *correction sent in after show
More sent in after the recording:
@HeelAthletics- 36-4 (Champs)
@Filmmaking4life- 36-4 (Champs)
@tcstepp24- 35-5

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Go Heels!