Saturday, August 10, 2013

ACC Twitter Chat?!

Okay, so without much feedback, input, or interest shown for the Tar Heel Chat I am going to try and broaden it out a little.

I would love to hear back if you are at all interested in participating in a weekly (or at least when you can make it) chat about ACC related news, questions, and discussions on Twitter.

I will come up with 5 or so questions each week and let you a day or so ahead of time so you can think about them if you get a chance and then at the allotted time we can all tweet out our answers.  It can start other discussions on twitter and also help us find others with similar interests to follow and get to know a little better.

Again, please let me know if your interested and also leave feedback as to when you would want it to happen each week.  I am thinking Thursdays at 3 pm eastern, but open to other suggestions.

Also, trying to think of a good hashtag so we can follow the chat more easily.  Thinking #ACChat or #ChatACC. What do you think? Got anything better?

Looking forward to any and all feedback and input you have and share and spread the word to make it bigger, the more we have participate the better the discussion!