Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tar Heel Chat Thursday?!

I am testing the interest that may be there in a twitter chat called Tar Heel Chat Thursdays.

Obviously it would be about a chat, questions, and discussion about the Tar Heels! We would use set a time that commonly works for people on Thursdays and then have like 5 questions or so about the Tar Heels for everyone to answer or respond to so we can get to know Tar Heel Nation better.

We can use the hashtag #TarHeelChat so everyone can find the related tweets more easily and really unite all Tar Heel fans.

If this sounds fun and interesting to you and you would participate whenever you could please let me know. Tell me what time you think would work most often for you and any other suggestions you have pertaining to Tar Heel Chat Thursdays!

I plan to promote this on Twitter and Google Plus and would love for you to join me in spreading the word and telling any Tar Heel fans you can.

Looking forward to hearing from All of you Tar Heel Nation!