Thursday, November 7, 2013

College Basketball Roundtable Hangout #2

For the second roundtable we discuss social media (twitter) and college athletics (basketball mostly). Along with the regulars +Jesse Wojdylo+John Martin, and myself +Dan DeWitt, we had special guest +Tyler Thompson from KSR. Hopefully, if your reading this post, your a Tar Heel fan and have no idea what KSR. Well its Kentucky Sports Radio, the largest independent sports radio show, well at least in Kentucky.

No I have not gone to the dark side (one of them), I am still a die-hard UNC hoops fan. However, she was the perfect guest for this topic. She follows the Kentucky players, former players, and recruits enough to have a tweet beat each week with all the best tweets. She knows the way Kentucky handles twitter and social media and well with Coach Cal, they are one of the more vibrant social media users when it comes to college basketball.

It was some good discussion and hope you enjoy! Next week we will actually have some games to discuss, (thank goodness).

We will be hosting a College Basketball Roundtable Hangout each week (usually Thursdays) and we hope you will join us (even live). Can easily find us in the College Basketball Community on Google Plus.

Go Heels!