Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1st ever #ACChat Thursdays! 8/15/13

If you don't know what #ACChat Thursdays are, go back a couple blog posts to read all about it or contact and ask me.

Pretty much the goal is to get a bunch of ACC fans together to chat and answer questions every week on twitter and then meet new ACC fans as well!

So here are the questions for the first week 8/15/13 so you can think about it or prepare answers if you want/need:

1A.  Introduce yourself. (Name, residence, job/grade, anything else you want)

1B.  Who is your college team, football and basketball?

2.  How long have you been a fan of your team?

3.  What/who led you to be a fan of them?

4.  1st definitive memory of your team?

5.  Greatest ACC memory (for you)?

6.  How close do you live to your team?

7.  Number of games attended in person? (basketball and football)

When answering questions please use the hashtag #ACChat so we can all follow along with the chat and easily find everyone's tweets!

Hopefully you are reading all of this so you see this part, it will be occuring at 5 pm eastern time!

Only 2 days left!