Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ACC Men's Basketball Champions and Runners-up since 1980

I have compiled a list of all the Championships and runner-up that the ACC has won in men's basketball since 1980.

Since we are in a couple of transition years I have kept Maryland in and Louisville out for now, however I did add Louisville's stats at the bottom, which only helps the ACC look better!

Is there really any conference even close to this in basketball?

Is the ACC the SEC of basketball? (Without the string of 7 straight which would be much harder to do in bball)

                                       Championships            Runner-up

        Duke:                        91,92,01,10              86,90,94,99

        Georgia Tech:                                                    04

        Maryland:                         02

        North Carolina:          82,93,05,09                     81

        North Carolina State:        83

        Syracuse:                          03                           87,96

        Total:                               11                              8

        Louisville:                        80,13    

To me that is crazy to have 11 championships and 8 runner-ups in 23 years and it will go up to 12 championships to our credit when Louisville takes Maryland's spot!