Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All-Time ACC team (of my era)

Ok, first a few ground rules, I only used the time period in which I really remember watching players live, no tapes or recordings.

Obviously I have a slight UNC bias, but I did try to be somewhat unbias. However, you will probably see it come out for UNC and against dook some.

Lastly, I did take only college careers into account and longevity did come into play as well, which did leave some really good players off. 

Also, I know there are a ton more really great players not on this list, so let me know yours! Leave them in the comments below, tweet them @AllTarHeelDan or @UNCHoopsTalk, on G+ AllTar Heels, or email me @ and let me have it!

Ok so with no further ado here it is:

My All-Time ACC team: (in no order and position taking only slight consideration)

Tyler Hansbourgh (UNC)

Tim Duncan (Wake Forest)

Antawn Jamison (UNC)

Chris Paul (Wake Forest)

Jason Williams (Duke)

Honorable Mentions: (also in no order)

 Grant Hill (Duke)

Vince Carter (UNC)

Juan Dixon (Maryland)

Joe Forte/Sean May (UNC)

Shane Battier (Duke)

Hope you agree with some atleast and for those you disagree with, give it to me! (politely)

Go Heels!