Sunday, March 12, 2017

Interview with Hall of Famer Rick Barry of the New York Life Commercial!

Another part of my trip as an ambassador of the Tar Heels with +New York Life Insurance Company to the ACC Tournament in Brooklyn was the opportunity to talk with and interview Hall of Fame basketball player Rick Barry. You may recognize him from the New York Life commercials of him shooting the underhand free throws he is so well known for and even making one blindfolded. 

We did discuss the filming of the commercial and Rick said there is more to be seen. I am working on getting the unseen footage to show all of you! Stay tuned for that. Until then though, enjoy this interview where we also discuss changes in recruiting from Rick's days to his sons (he has several successful ones) as well as coaching styles, and some of Rick's top accomplishments.

I really feel any basketball fan will really enjoy this sit down with the one and only Rick Barry! It was originally recorded on periscope and you can watch it there from this link: Rick Barry Interview!

It is also up on YouTube now right here: