Wednesday, November 6, 2013

College Basketball Roundtable Hangout

On the 2nd College Basketball Roundtable Hangout we are going to be discussing college athletes and twitter. How has twitter affected and changed the atmosphere of college athletics? How have college athletes used twitter to their benefit and detriment?

To join +Jesse Wojdylo+John Martin, and myself, we have brought in the one and only +Tyler Thompson from KSR (Kentucky Sports Radio). Tyler works for KSR obviously covering UK football and basketball and as part of that she does a tweet beat. She follows tweets by and related to college athletes and does a fantastic job pulling out the ridiculous ones.

We will also be discussing the upcoming games at the Champions Classic on next Tuesday night.  We would love to have you join us with the live Google Hangout. If you cannot, you can always RSVP yes or no in order to catch it later on YouTube.  I will also be tweeting out the live youtube url if that works better for you live or to watch at a later time.

We think you will enjoy it and we hope you share it and come back again each week.

College Basketball Roundtable Hangout

Go Heels!