Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why you need to be active on Google+, not just for business!

Today, I got the privilege on joining Danny Green on a Google+ Hangout!  To put it very short, this is the reason why I think everyone should be on Google+ and active on G+.

Things like this are not happening on Facebook, Twitter or really anywhere else for that matter.  Have you seen anyone on twitter getting the chance to sit down and talk, ask questions or anything face to face with someone they may look up to or of any notoriety?  Don't get me wrong twitter has its purposes and if you know me you know I am very active on twitter especially during college basketball season.  However, I would like to point out to you that I have been very active on twitter with my @AllTarHeelDan handle for about 10 months now.  Sure I have built up 2100 followers, been retweeted by UNC basketball players and followed by some.  I have gotten responses from Jay Bilas and some of the other ESPN and CBS analyst, but really that took 15 seconds out of their day and not something that I will remember going forward.

On the flipside I have been on and active with G+ for maybe 3 months now. Although it doesn't happen on a daily basis and not necessarily commonplace, today I hopped on my Ipad, joined a link for a Google Hangout and was face to face asking questions with the man who has hit more 3's in an NBA Finals series than any other, Danny Green!

From what was told to me, I was asked only because obviously they wanted a North Carolina fan to come on and ask him some questions and I had become active posting, commenting and interacting on the North Carolina community page on Google+.

So in 3 months G+ earned me a fun memory that I will not soon forget, where as twitter, although it is fun and I enjoy it, has not really gained me much of substance.  Now I hope you don't see this as a bashing of twitter, I could easily switch out all the places I typed twitter and put Facebook, but I simply don't go there much anymore besides to communicate and share pictures with family members.  Rather I hope you see this as a reason to check out Google+ and get active!  Don't look around and say no one is here, its no different I will stick with Facebook or twitter, because it is different.  There is reason besides helping with search results and SEO to be active on G+.  Who knows maybe you will get the chance to Hangout and ask questions to one of your heroes or someone well know in your niche and interests.

To start go ahead and connect with me on G+ here: Dan DeWitt.  If you have any questions about anything I will try to answer or point you to the right person if I can.  After all I have only been there 3 months as well and definitely still learning whats available.

So I hope to see you on G+ in the near future and if this is all blah to you or you don't care about any of that hopefully you atleast enjoy watching the video and listening to Danny Green answer my questions and more.

Go Heels!