Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8/29/13 #ACChat Thursday twitter chat Questions

Ok, we are going to try this again, we are sticking with 3 pm eastern time zone on Thursday the 29nd (tomorrow).
Here are the questions if you want to think about it or prepare your answers.  All you need to do is join us on twitter Thursday at 3 and when the question goes out post your answer and add the hashtag #ACChat so we can find everyone participating and easily find all the answers.

Hopefully this way we can connect with more ACC fans in a friendly way.  Please spread the word as the more we have participating the better the whole thing will be (even to the dook fans).


1. What ACC game are you most looking forward to in week one?

2. What game are you looking forward to most all season? (Doesn't have to be ACC)

3. What one player that is not on your team do you wish your team could have?

4. Who is the one player you would never give up off your team?

5. Who is your favorite NCAA football player on Twitter or Google Plus?  

Hope to see everyone joining in on Thursday at 3, remember to use the hashtag #ACChat and tell one person about it and try to get them to join in as well.  The bigger this gets the more fun it will be.  Spread the word!

If there are any questions just contact me.

See you all Thursday at 3 on Twitter!