Tuesday, July 25, 2017

UNC Basketball: Non-conference schedule, roster & more!

UNC Hoops Talk Podcast #121

Need to put the recruiting podcast off until August- so send in more questions!
This episode I cover:
-Non-conference schedule being released
-'17-18 roster is set and some number changes
-Tar Heels in NBA summer league

-would you be interested in being in a mastermind group for this podcast? Giving advice, suggestions, being a soundboard and who knows what else it will turn into from there?
- Or would you like to help run some of the social media accounts for this podcast and about UNC Hoops?

If fit either of those or maybe both I would love for you to email me at or send me a DM on twitter and lets chat about it!

Going to be another exciting season of Tar Heel Basketball!

Until Next time, thanks for listening and Go Heels!

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Until Next Time, Go Heels!