Saturday, April 1, 2017

Rick Barry- extra New York Life commercial footage!

You've seen the commercial, you know the name and maybe even worried, "Is it real?"
Here's the proof: the extra unseen footage of Rick Barry's consistent free throw technique you have needed to believe it!

At the beginning of March, I worked as a super fan ambassador for New York Life at the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament and was able to interview Rick Barry (see it here: Rick Barry Interview). We talked recruiting, his basketball and broadcasting past, and of course his appearance in the New York Life commercial.

Now I have been granted exclusive access to some extra footage of Rick draining several more blindfolding free throws in a row! It is still fascinating and quite mesmerizing to watch how effortlessly he makes free throws look, especially in this day and age where they are taken for granted until a sub 70% free throw shooter steps to the line with the game on the line.

Enjoy the master at work and please share!