Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016-17 UNC Basketball Predictions!

UNC Hoops Talk Podcast #93

In this episode I quickly look ahead to Late Night with Roy this Friday (10/14).
Then I spend the rest of the podcast going through my predictions for the upcoming season for the Tar Heels!
I follow that up going through all the predictions I got from you guys on twitter (listed below)! If you aren't already follow me @AllTarHeelDan.

End with some announcements
-Next podcast coming at the end of October
-Anyone interested in helping me with a UNC highlights YouTube channel, with instagram and maybe me, contact me at or DM me on twitter.
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Go Heels!

Twitter Predictions:
@kluttz_fan- sweet 16, 8 losses, 2 to dook
@tarheelbrave88- 32-7 final four
@_keator- 30 wins, elite 8 minimum, 1 or 2 seed in tourney
@Marrington12- 28-10 elite 8
@TarHeelDurham- 30-9 Champs (22-8 Regular season, 2-1 ACC, 6-0 NCAA) 
@FutureTarHeel- 30-9 2nd in ACC, Final Four
@TBrommer- 33-7
@Leeevasquez- 31-8 final four
@bradendupris40- 33-6 Champs
@News_Craig- 31-9 Final Four
@dtgoulet- 4 losses, ACC season & tourney champs, final four
@gthreadgill7929- 30-8 Elite *
@ncheels77- 30-8 Elite 8, Final four if 3’s around 40%
@TheFree_Lance- 27-9 out in Sweet 16
@cb723- 28-9 Elite 8
@Pusha_Ty- 34-4 Champs
@SteelHeel40- 33-5 Champs
@drgood13- 30-8, ACC & National Champs, win on JJ 3!
@Patrick_Marx5- 29-8 Champs
@Couz00- 30-10 beating Dook in NC game, Champs
@keith_hersey- 33-6
@slyon28- 24-8 regular season, 3rd in ACC, 1-1 out in semis of ACCT, 3-1 in NCAAT out in elite 8. 28-10 overall
@bradkeutzer22- 29-7 
@SMikulyuk- 28-5 Champs
@TheyCallMeEL- 32-7 Champs
@Mattburk7620- 40-0
@TheRealHags- 25-27 wins
@UNCGraphics- 34-6
@blakekcmo- 25 wins minimum, sweet 16 or elite 8
@Nwitfield88- 33-7 or 32-8 final four
@tarheelanalyst- 25-7
@GoHeelAthletics- 34-6 Champs
@dalton_owenby- losing 9, Champs
@JmcmfShane- 3 losses, Champs
@n2unc- 33-6 Final Four if healthy
@Myr0sLove- 27-9 maybe
@josusser- 31-8 Elite 8

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