Monday, September 14, 2015

Real Basketball is Almost Here!

UNC Hoops Talk Podcast #66

We got a tease with the UNC vs. UK alumni charity game, but real basketball is just around the corner!
I am here to get you ready with everything you need to know about your Tar Heels!

On this month's (we go weekly once the season starts) episode we talk:
  • UNC vs. UK alumni game 
  • the Full Schedule is out (link below)
  • Tony Bradley (class of '16) committing to UNC!
  • Jalek Felton is "all in"
  • Periscope/live streaming and using it along side the podcast
  • using for postgame shows and possibly doing the podcast live (let me know if you are interested in either of these)
Full Schedule:

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Go Heels!

(Sorry issues with the video again this month, shouldn't be a problem going forward)
If you miss my face that much go watch last months podcast on YouTube!