Monday, June 2, 2014

Sam Stephenson (realsam510)- Get to know your Tar Heel...Fans- ep. 5

Week 5

Week 5 of "Get to know your Tar Heel...Fans" brings another diehard, tell you how it is, passionate UNC fan! Our guest this week is Sam Stephenson and not only will he let you know what he thinks about all things UNC on twitter, but he also makes youtube videos and you can see first hand how passionate he is and how he really feels! 

Please watch the video below and get to know Sam better and then go connect with him on twitter (@samstephenson3), but also go subscribe and watch his youtube videos (RealSam510)! Heck he even made one about this interview, go ahead and start with that one right here-

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Please Watch, Enjoy, and Pass Along!

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