Monday, February 16, 2015

UNC vs. Duke PREVIEW #1!

UNC Hoops Talk Podcast #50

Some tough times have come to Chapel Hill since the last podcast. Of course, we all know about the passing of legendary Coach Dean Smith, plus the Tar Heels went 1-1 losing to Pitt. However, what everyone (ESPN) is talking about is the UNC/Duke game on Wednesday. North Carolina is sitting at 5th currently in the ACC, 1 game behind Duke, but have also lost 3 of the last 4 heading into the first match-up. 

I briefly discuss the BC and Pitt games, but most of the podcast is dedicated to our rivals down the road. Who will stop Okafor? Can we guard the 3? Do we have a chance?

(Joel Berry II really? Turns out its a NC State QB not even a BC player. Lol)

Also, what is wrong with the Tar Heels? Is there locker room problems or was it just a tough week after the passing of Coach Smith?

Hope you enjoy and will pass this along!

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